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by Bike Over the World (Togliatty)

The first idea was to describe great bike-trip in the heart of Russia - at Samarskaya Luka (group of enthusiasts, about 40). Initiator - Anatoly Sergeev (AvtoVAZ, I.S.D.), April, 30-May,4, 2002.
And now we invite foreign cyclists in this travel (and another projects) : Togliatty - ZHigulevsk - SHiryaevo (spending the night, tent) - Rojdesveno - Shelehmet' - Sevryukaevo, Lbische (spending the night, tent). 50-90 km per day. Every day we will have rest time, camp from 18-00...19-00 hrs.
You can see photos-2007 from this trip and photos-2002

My activity, in revers order
(En:) 2009: Egypt (beach rest), Nov.-Dec., by air
2007-2005 years
(En:) Caucasus by bike, Aug.-Sept., 1400km

Selection of Land Rover G4 Challenge-2006(November, 3-6, 2005. Land Rover Experience Camp, Moscow) - T.Petrunina & Pete Schegolev from Togliatty (AvtoVAZ, I.S.D.) in this adventure (ropes, treking, cycling, water) (photo by Pete Schegolev)
(подробности по-русски или Details in english)
Test for participation in Expedition-Trophy-2006(Samara region, October, 8-9, 2005), our people in this Great project - Tatiana Petrunina (Photo: Pete Schegolev)

Expedition-Trophy, international transcontinental autorace-test at Febr.,23 - March,8 - Tatiana Petrunina (AvtoVAZ, I.S.D.) in Great Race(photo T.Petrunina & Pete Schegolev)

2004. (Ru:) The report of 8-days cycle-race at Samara/Ulianovsk/Penza regions (2 mans). 457km.

2003 year

(En:) Rafting along the Chusovaja river (Ural), rubber boat – 2003, Sept.2-8

Dear bicyclists! We invite you in cycle-rally (racing) at Samarskaya Luka in the heart of Russia. The Route forms 150-200 km from ZHigulevsk - SHiryaevo(I.Repin's museum)-Sevryukaevo-vllg.ZHiguli. Date&Time: MAY, 1-4 (travel form, 3-10 degrees), June 22-23 (speedrace, 13-20 degrees outdoor). Our cycling / mounting bike club “TVK” (Togliatty), has several tested routes in Samara/Penza/Uljanovsk regions. The routes distance vary from 150 km to 450 km. Togliatty-city is situated on the bank of the river Volga – the largest river in Europe - across of Zhiguli mountains (single mountain chain along the bank of Volga). +7 8482 509137 - Pete, home, +79277922297 - mob., Russia, Togliatty

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(с) Pete Schegolev, 2007